Bedrocks & Petrocks

Life Reflections is excited to introduce the BedRock which is a imitation rock that has been designed to accommodate deceased cremated remains. This product provides for a memorial plaque and cameo and includes a flower vase. Life Reflections markets this product to Cemeteries, Crematoriums and domestic home gardens.

This is an internationally patented product and has been sold in a number of countries around the world including Australia, New Zealand and China.

The BedRock comes in a variety of colours and textures including sandstone, natural, yellow, marble, river stone and red. We have a number of different designs with varying plaque recesses dependent on our clients instructions.

The BedRock is a fresh idea that offers an alternative to the traditional methods of the interment of deceased cremated remains. This product is not only functional but also is very esthetically pleasing as it compliments any garden setting. As the BedRock is hollow it provides for any tributes or trinkets that the deceased family may want to place with the ashes.

Life Reflections also manufactures the PetRock. The PetRock is a smaller version of the BedRock and has been designed for installation in Pet Cemeteries and domestic home gardens. Now you can take your beloved pets with you should you decide to move residence.