Coffin Wraps

At Life’s Reflections we are thrilled to be offering the cutting end and new age of Coffins, a great way to celebrate a loved ones life in bright, meaningful and colourful Coffin.

Our Illustrated Wrapped Coffins give you an endless option of what you can have on your Coffin. Our design team have designed a range of 50 standard design coffins, but you also the option of customising your very own design (subject to an extra fee). With designs and assembling done in Australia the coffin will be ready in 2-3 days.


Standard Designs

Roses                         Fishing                         Palm Trees

Sailing                       Golf                              Horse Racing

Dolphins                   Eagles                           Infant

Cars                           Beer                              Alcohol

Surfing                      Skiing                           Sports

Kiwi Flag                 Aussie Flag                  Aboriginal Flag

Dogs                         Cats                              Angels

Clouds                      Bonsai                         Chinese Symbols

Aussie Fauna          Aussie Flora               Aussie Landmarks

Car racing               Motor Bikes                Planes

Music                      Drums                          Guitars

Piano                      Kiwi Fern                     Doves of Peace

More to come……………..